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What is Smartkiosk?  

A Platform that enables you  buy goods/services on credit at any SmartKiosk Outlet’s M-pesa or Equity - Till /Paybill or bank account

How do I benefit?

you no longer require to worry about obtaining credit for day to day essentials at your local businesses or other items and services crucial for you.

borrow at affordable rates (48hours offer special rate) or repay within 30days of borrowing

get to maintain a credit/purchase profile which with time means you can obtain items such as Laptop/home working equipment, posho mill etc at reasonable rates over 12-24 months repayment on loan from a smart kiosk partner

save by buying in bulk from a smart kiosk wholesaler

Refer friends or family and earn (see more on how the referral system works)

How does the referral system work ? 

 Refer an eligible business to enrol earn upto 200 KES (Note they require to enrol using your code , have there documents verification completed successfully and receive there first payment through smart kiosk)

Refer family/friends to enrol earn up to KES50 (Note they require to enrol using your smart kiosk referral code , have there documents verification completed successfully then make their first payment through smart kiosk)

You can redeem your referral points at any smart kiosk outlet through  SmartKiosk.

NOTE: minimum amounts may apply and vary with each vendor e.g you can redeem from 1KES at any smart kiosk vendor mpesa till or equity till or mpesa non-bank paybill. Redeeming any amount at an m-pesa bank paybill requires a minimum purchase amount of 100KES. Overpayment are also applied in the same way

What documents do I need before starting the registration process ? 

Original ID , Smartphone with whatsapp (with your registered m-pesa line)  which can be used to take your photo - selfie and the front  side of your ID. You will be asked to upload them under your profile and thereafter your account will be activated after verification. 

How do I get a credit limit ?* 

ensure you register on smart kiosk first with the m-pesa number you shall use to send the statement to us with. For further instruction click here

What are the credit limits available?*

from 1, 001KES upto 140,000KES , which you can access either at once or many times as your balance allows.

e.g if your credit limit is 10,000KES , you can make purchases of 1,001KES at a smart kiosk outlet A, 2,000KES at smart kiosk outlet B , 6,000KES at smart kiosk outlet C  etc, as long as you are within your credit limit.

Each credit payment by us to an outlet is treated as a separate loan

Each Loan must be Fully repaid within 30 days of loan disbursement/payment to the vendor

A penalty is automatically applied if the principal and all credit charges are not repaid within 30 days of loan disbursement/payment to the vendor

How do I make loan repayments ?

Through your dashboard My Profile > Loan > Make Payment , Select the amount to repay , you will be presented with a notification from m-pesa to enter your PIN

You can also repay through your m-pesa menu to m-pesa paybill 4066267 , account number - “Your National ID Number”

Can get the loan* in cash or withdraw it from a smart kiosk outlet or a mobile money agent as cash?

The loan is paid directly to a smart kiosk vendors m-pesa till or  m-pesa paybill or Equity Till/Paybill or bank account* towards your purchase

I would like my credit limit to be increased?* 

To ensure we review your credit limit often, please send your 12 or 24 month m-pesa statement (see how to) and we shall review the same. NOTE sending a statement with a duration less than 12 months will not be considered.

I have several more than 1 M-pesa number?* 

Unfortunately we only process one m-pesa number which is the prime number used for registration and which is used to access SmartKiosk System. Therefore register and use the m-pesa number that you transact with most.

Can I use my credit limit at many smart kiosk outlets?* 

As long as you are within you credit limit and no other accounts are outstanding for over 30days

How can I find SmartKiosk outlets near me?

through your SmartKiosk Dashboard > My Profile > Select Smart Businesses > Switch on your GPS/location > attach your current location

I have a complaint about the product / service bought through SmartKiosk?

Please raise any complaint with the vendor directly. Unfortunately once we disburse payment for goods or services to the SmartKiosk vendor a loan is booked and/or payment is debited from your profile. 

Can i Seek a refund from the vendor for goods/services purchased on smartkiosk?

Yes. However the refund MUST be made by the vendor directly to us and only when fully received shall we make the refund to your profile. Note if a purchase was made through a loan, the refund MUST have been submitted fully to us within 30 days of payment, you remain liable to repaying any loan amount including all charges at all times.

How much am I charged for credit obtained through smart kiosk?* 

this is displayed to you on your whatsapp whilst making a credit purchase. They are also available from our terms and conditions

How can I seek help or raise a complaint?* 

Through your Smart Kiosk Dashboard > My Profile > Talk to Us from where you can type a message or insert an attachment or photo or send us your location details for amendment (Note you can only perform either one of these at a time). 

You can also Whatsapp or call us directly on the number - 0791 578693 9AM to 6PM  (Mon-Fri , during working days and hours only)

Who is smart kiosk?

Smart kiosk is a registered business name and TradeMark for Kweli Smart Solutions LTD. 

*The credit / loaning is available at a date to be advised. Terms and conditions and privacy policy applies* 

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