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We strive to offer qualify and affordable products and services.
We strive to be competitive and provide transparency with our products and services.
However our products and services may not be suitable for everyone.


The loans offered by smart kiosk are of a short term nature.  Repaying Early helps you save on interest.

  1. Do not borrow to purchase capital items or items that may take more than the scheduled repayment duration you have indicated.

  2. Our interest tends to be higher than those provided by banks or Sacco's.

  3. Always read our terms and conditions and our privacy policy before making any  borrowing.

  4. ONLY Borrow when you have a solid repayment plan in place which complies with our requirements

  5. Our interest (loan interest & penalty interest) is published in our terms and conditions and is made available through an offer letter/loan agreement. Always familiarise yourself with them and NEVER borrow unless you fully conversant.

  6. Delays in making repayment as agreed will result in you being negatively listed in CRB which will tarnish you credit record for future borrowings and may result in loss of employment, business opportunities and other opportunities.

  7. On the hand making payments timely will result in positive information being shared with CRB which may enhance your credit report for future borrowings


  1. Always ensure your device is locked using a secure password or PIN combination only known to you as we shall take all instruction received from your number as coming from you.

  2. Report stolen or misplaced devices immediately to us and the authorities

  3. Never use our services with a device that does not support phone password/PIN

  4. Never share your phone with anyone

  5. Never share your mpesa statement with us via any other channel apart from the email address published (

  6. Always inform us when your personal details change

  7. Always inform us to put your account on hold when you do not plan to use our services for more than 120 days.

  8. If your device is misplaced or stolen and a transaction is done through your login credentials/whatsapp number or email, you are liable to make payments arising from such a transaction. BEWARE!


We charge you interest for every successful borrowing made with us.
Our rates of interest depend on the user type you registered as. Details of interest charges and penalties and repayment schedules and our terms and conditions are contained in our offer letter sent to you when you initiate every borrowing. For any clarification, contact us


We charge you interest on a daily basis on a daily reducing balance basis of the principal outstanding loan at the end of everyday. This means you save when you repay early on interest charges.


a financial advisor, bank / deposit taking microfinance, sacco, deposit taking institution, fund manager, credit provider, asset manager, insurance company or insurance broker, mortgage provider or broker or agent.


As with all financial products, always seek advice from a qualified practitioner for financial and legal advice before enrolling or obtaining credit to determine whether our products are suitable for you.

Always seek independent financial advice.

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