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What is Smart Kiosk ?

A digital credit solution that prequalifies you for a credit limit of upto 140,000KES from your WhatsApp

  • it's useful for micro small businesses and personal usage

  • get to pay only for the days you keep the loan*

  • with smart kiosk you save when your repay early* or when you make regular daily repayments*

How do I enrol ?

Click here or send a WhatsApp message ‘sema’ through your phone to 020 2500081

(Ensure you use your WhatsApp number which MUST also be your m-pesa number)

our 24/7/365 robot (Asha 🤖) is waiting to guide you 

Do I require to install an app ?

No. Registration + obtaining credit is done through your smart kiosk registered WhatsApp number with us

Am not a Kiosk ?

@ SmartKiosk we refer to eligible micro small businesses as Kiosk's 🙂


Does Smart Kiosk Sell Goods or Services ?

No we only provide loans direct to your mpesa

I don't have a safaricom number ?

Unfortunately smart kiosk is only enabled for safaricom m-pesa numbers only

How long should i wait for a decision ?

If you have submitted correct & verifiable details (including your 24 months m-pesa statement correctly using the procedure we have provided, you can expect to hear from us between a minimum of  1hour & maximum of 48 hours (Working days & hours only)  from the  time your m-pesa statement is succesfully submitted to us.

If there a technical error, you will be notified via SMS & we aim to have a decision within 48 working hours.

Please feel free to contact us through our helpline 0791 578693 during working hours and days

What is the minimum & maximum you can borrow? (if you qualify for a loan)

Minimum - 1,001KES, Maximum - 140,000KES

Can i be considered for a loan in future if i don't qualify now?

We review your profile every 4 Months. To enable us do so, kindly submit your 24 months statement for an automatic credit limit review.

How can i repay my loan ?

From your smart kiosk Whatsapp menu select My Profile > Loan > Repay Loan.

You will receive an authorisation request from safaricom to enter your mpesa PIN.

You can also make repayment via mpesa paybill - 4066267 , account number - "Your KENYA ID NUMBER"

Is Smart Kiosk licenced to provide digital loans?

We are licenced to provide digital credit by the Central Bank Of Kenya.

Smart Kiosk is a registered trademark for Kweli Smart Solutions LTD

Why should i submit my mpesa statement?

We use your statement to score you for a loan, determine your inflows and outflows and to analyse your spending patterns.

Without your mpesa statement we cannot provide you a credit limit nor verify you.

Am getting the message....

- We could not process your mpesa statement with a recently supplied code....... 

If you have followed the procedure on how to send us your statement correctly.

Allow at least 15 minutes before resubmitting the latest code sent to you by mpesa.

Also ensure you did not forward to send your statement to us directly.

- Your request for full statement was successful. However there are no records found for the specified period.

You may need to retry after afew minutes. NOTE this is beyond our control

How secure is my data ?

Smart kiosk (Kweli Smart Solutions LTD) is registered as a data controller with the Office of Data Protection in Kenya

We don't have access to your sms's or phone book

Please see our data privacy policy here

I have more than one m-pesa number ?

We recommend you register with the one you use to transact most with

Why didn't i get a credit limit ?

click here to see why

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