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i have no credit limit or my credit limit is 0 KES

  1. Check you have no overdue obligations with other credit providers

  2. Ensure you have submitted all documents requested for by us

  3. Increase m-pesa transactions on the number used to register (both incoming transactions and outgoing transactions from various sources, ensure you have a suitable identifiable income that can be traced and that is consistent on your m-pesa statement

  4. Request m-pesa to send your 2 years (24 months) m-pesa statement to us using the procedure provided here for an automatic re-evaluation

i already have a credit limit & want an increment

  1. repay your instalment/s timely

  2. make regular repayments towards your loan daily, at least 5 times a week (This alone TRIPLES your chances)..don't wait until the instalment due date to make one big repayment.

  3. refer more friends and relatives to register using your referral code. When they get there first loan you score

  4. send your m-pesa statement every 120 days for an automatic re-evaluation.

  5. Ensure your have no outstanding overdue loans with other credit providers

* NOTE: we reserve the right to provide credit limit & remove a credit limit

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