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NOTE: numbering may change on your m-pesa menu

Ensure the same line you are using for your WhatsApp is the same as your M-pesa line

Dial *334#
Select option 7 (my account)
Select option 3 (m-pesa statement)
Select option 1 (m-pesa statement)
Select option 1 (request statement)
Select option 1 (full statement)
Select option 98 (more)
Select option 7 (Last 2 years)

Enter email as:
Enter email again:

Once you receive SMS confirmation from M-pesa, WAIT for 15 minutes...

Then go to your Smart Kiosk WhatsApp Chat and start a new chat by sending "Hi"

Select option for M-pesa statement > Select Submit Code > Enter the password sent by m-pesa 
Then wait for a response from us with a decision.

Once your mpesa statement password is received by our robot you will get a WhatsApp message from us confirming that we have received it and are processing your statement. 


Seat back and wait for our robot to process it and provide your with an decision within 48 working hours

(at the latest) 



NEVER send us your m-pesa statement through any other channel or process.

Only use the process highlighted here.

The processing is manned by a robot with no human intervention.

Only m-pesa statement’s received DIRECTLY from safaricom m-pesa are processed. 


We recommend you send your statement and code every 4 Months for an automatic review.

If you send us a invalid password or code our robot will reject it and inform you.

If our robot is not able to process your statement due to technical reason, you shall be informed and our technical team will handle the processing manually....unfortunately this could

take up to 24 hours to get a decision (during working hours and days)

If you have requested for multiple statements from m-pesa, you will receive multiple passwords. Submit only the latest password to the system.

if you submit a statement for less than 2 years (24 Months) old. We shall not score your profile or review your credit limit

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